Precautions after hair transplantation

1. The clothes are mainly loose for the first three days after the operation, and it is not necessary to pass the head.

2. On the day of surgery and the next day, the bath should be the main one, and the water temperature should not be too high to prevent the hair follicles from falling off.

3. After three days after surgery, you can start to wash your hair by yourself. Just wash your hair after washing your hair and apply it to the hair area. Spray the anti-inflammatory water in the hair-planting area.

4. When removing the headgear, please open it from both sides of the forehead to avoid pulling it to the planting area.

5. Anti-inflammatory syrup should be sprayed at least six times a day. It is recommended to spray once every 2-3 hours. First, gently spread the hair line and spray the planting area near the scalp.

6. It is forbidden to remove the suede yourself. You can spray the eye drops to soften the suede, that is, it will fall off on its own.

7. The method of lying down (pressing the posterior occipital wound) within one week after surgery is a normal phenomenon in the first three days.

8. After the operation, the planting area has redness and acne. Please do not remove it yourself. Please contact the clinic to inform the situation and make an appointment.

9. After 7 days of surgery, avoid eating fried spicy food, supplements, Chinese medicine and other activated blood circulation foods.

10. Avoid using products with unknown ingredients. Please use minoxidil, hair growth solution, red shampoo and other scalp care products within 14 days after surgery. If oral medication is used, you can continue taking it without stopping the drug.

11. It is strictly forbidden to retrain exercise within a month after surgery, or exercise such as sweating.

12. Trim hair after one month of surgery

13. After more than three months after surgery, you can soak in hot springs, or launch water on the beach, and burn your hair.

Two weeks after surgery

 can restore normal shampooing, blowing head, but do not use nails to scratch and massage the scalp

Exfoliating gel (yellow gel)

  Function: remove scars

  Use time: the second week after surgery

  How to use: Apply the gel evenly to the planting area and the donor area before washing the hair.

  Gently wait for five minutes with your fingertips and continue the normal shampooing method

*Slight itch & heat is normal during use

 Two weeks later, the use of ointment in the district:

  CTV—Component: betamethasone

 Function: itching

  4+1—Component: gentamicin, tolnaftate,

           Iodochlorhydroxyquin, aloe vera

        Function: anti-inflammatory

  How to use: After the head is cleaned and dried, apply a proper amount to the wound in the donor area.

Red shampoo

  Ingredients: ketoconazole (antimycin)

  Use time: After two weeks of surgery, the scalp is easy to use oil or itching and then use

  How to use: Take appropriate amount on the scalp before washing and rinsing for 5 minutes.

*Use up to three times a week

P.S. The planting area will begin to dry out and fall off in the past two weeks. It is normal for the hair follicles in the planting area to enter the rest period. The time of the hair loss is two weeks to three months after the operation. Please do not panic.

 Please avoid using shampoo and hair care products that are not recommended by the doctor.